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IT Section

Welcome to Primeasia University IT Section, locatedat 2nd floor, HBR Tower.The main objective of IT is to look after the total technological infrastructure of PAU. It goes without saying that IT provides intensive technical support to all the active computers around 500 Intel Core i3, i5 & i7 processor computers and printers (around 60 LaserJet Network printer) assigned to faculty, officers and others located in different places around the Primeasia University. PAU IT services also conduct a highly elegant E-mail Service system, which is provided to a very large number of members in PAU family. All computer users are connected with efficient Internet system through LAN and Wi-Fi.

The major IT services at PAU are highlighted below:

  • PAU Campus Networking system maintenance
  • PAU Server Systems
  • Wireless Campus Network
  • Website content update
  • IT Procurement
  • Computer Laboratories
    • Printer sharing support
    • File sharing support
  • IT Help Desk Support
    • In house support/ troubleshooting
    • Out sourcing support from vendors
  • Multimedia Support
  • Special Events

Our Services


PAU Networking and Telecommunication Systems

Primeasia University has 03 different campuses supported by a Convergent Network that supports more than 500 network workstations with 400 faculty / staff and over 5,000 students. The Primeasia University has been continuously evolving to cope with the ever-changing user requirements and to adapt new technologies and standards. The current network consists of structured cabling with 1000 nodes, 500 meters 10 Gigabit (SM/MM) Fiber Optics Backbone and 9,000 meters Cat6 UTP Cable that supports multi-layer switching, QoS (Quality of Service) and IP Multicasting, thus data, voice and video traffic can be carried concurrently over the same convergent network.


Wireless Campus Network

Primeasia University has developed its wireless campus network using Cisco Linksys WiFi Routers. More than 17 Wi-Fi access points have been installed over the campus to support all teachers, officials, guests and students in classrooms, lecture halls, cafeteria, indoor and outdoor common areas to establish a secure wireless network requiring access and password authentication which are compliant to the IEEE802.11a/b/g standards.


Computer Laboratories

The Computer Laboratories of Primeasia University provide the best possible services to the university community through a general-purpose laboratory such as Textile ACT Laboratory, Pharmacy Seminar Library, Library IT corner, School of Business Computer Laboratory, CSE computer Laboratory, EEE computer Laboratory, Architecture Computer Laboratory etc. and all are connected through campus wide Local Area Network (LAN) with 10G Fibre-optic & Gigabit UTP connectivity.


IT Help Desk Support

PAU IT provides help desk support for the students from 09:00 AM- 05:00 PM in everyday in a semester. It offers instant services to the teachers and officials by file & resources like printer, scanner sharing, Internet, Email, WiFirelated any type of support.


Multimedia Support

PAU IT supports around 40 multimedia projectors in the classrooms to make the study material more vivid and interactive to the students and it also extends these facilities to different in-house workshop and cultural programs.


PAU WebPage

The website address of Primeasia University is Website One of the most important duty of Primeasia IT is to update the common pages of the PAU website on regular basis. Right now, the rating of the website is bit low due to the content of the website, such as up-to-date information, papers & journals, up-to-date documents. A new website with latest features will be developed by UMS section very shortly.