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Welcome to Online Classroom Platform

Primeasia University is delighted to announce the launch of a new way of digital teaching & learning platform called “Orbit OCP”. A real time Online Class Platform designed by following the directive of the University Grants Commission (UGC) Bangladesh for conducting online classes during the Covid-19 situation. Very few higher learning institutions and universities in Bangladesh have ensured the pedagogy through online classroom system for both students and teachers in a more intuitive and robust fashion and following the outcome based curricula. The adoption of Orbit OCP marks an exciting new era in teaching and learning process at the University which provides flexibility in teaching by giving information about Class Rooms, Teachers Profile, Students Profile, Courses, Student-Teacher Class Attendances, Classes Schedule, Online Class Tests and Examination Management System.

Most of the universities and educational institutes in Bangladesh are using free digital platforms such as Zoom, Google classroom, Skype, Go to Meet, Microsoft365 etc which is open, public and unsecured and also undermines the universities or institutions that are using them. Keeping in mind these disadvantages, in order to monitor, control, access and administer its users, the Primeasia University UMS team through an extensive evaluation process and guidance of Professor Dr. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury, Vice Chancellor of Primeasia University, solely developed the digital teaching & learning platform Orbit OCP. The advice from the faculty members, staffs and students during this process proved instrumental in the determination that Orbit OCP is the best choice for Higher Learning Institutes and Universities considering the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. However, Primeasia University will work on its continuous development and plans to introduce Simulation Based Lab Classes to integrate a Hybrid Education System combining Orbit OCP with the facilities available face to face and distance classroom in future as an added feature.

Following the advanced learning systems, Orbit OCP is a digital environment which is designed in a Responsive Layout to manage user learning interventions as well as to deliver learning contents and resources to the students. The transition to the new Orbit OCP system has already been initiated and its use has been made compulsory in the daily lectures starting from Summer Semester 2020. The faculty members can post their announcements, lectures, syllabus, course details, e-books, videos, course activities, assignments or quizzes and exams etc in this digital platform in Word, PowerPoint, PDF and JPG etc versions. Attendance will be automatically done after logged in our system. It is not linked based like stream yard rather one can access with unique ID and password. When both faculty members and students login into the system following our master routine they can join class and continue seamlessly; any unauthorized users can be blocked too.

About 4000 students and 200 faculty members along with 100 lab personnel will be using this system to collaborate, submit work, check grades, schedule meetings with instructors and many more. Through its Real Time N-N Video/Audio/Text communication system feature, Class Articles or Class Assignments can be shared with students on Real Time Notifications. Graphical Statistics and reports will also be incorporated as per demand and utilized to further improve the educational quality. Primeasia University will archive all these resources to ensure that no content is lost.

In Short, Orbit OCP includes many attractive features, such as User-friendly tools that will streamline communications between faculty and students, through any device such like mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. The system features a calendar tool that highlights course deadlines for students, a grade center that facilitates assessment by allowing instructors to leave comments and feedback on students’ work and to enter grades in one place. It can also be integrated with the University’s other systems, like the Master Routine, UMS, Exam Control, Student Records etc, to establish a more straightforward process for faculty members to report midterm and final course grades.

As the University transits to Orbit OCP, the UMS department will offer personalized support, training sessions, online tutorials, one-on-one consultations and other learning opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. More information and frequently asked questions are available on