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Controller of Examinations

Message: 'Examination is a necessity-not an option; above all, it is a blessing'.

Few Words: Primeasia University (PAU) received formal approval from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2003.The examination department of PAU has been playing a significant rule in conducting examination keeping the norms of confidentiality, accuracy, reliability and authenticity.

The Primeasia University Examination System has been designed not only to motivate the students to acquire fair knowledge of their subject matter but also to show their intelligence and power of reasoning. Therefore, the students’ ability to pass an examination indicating his /her mental power as well as his or her grasp of the subject knowledge can help an examiner to assess the performance in term of their expression of knowledge, talent, skills, ideas and thoughts according to the question asked in the examination.

In determining honor, graduation, certification, placement and promotion the examination grade has become an important criteria. The grade for both written and oral examination has been an integral part of the educative process in every program of education and training. The Primeasia University believes that better examination system ensure higher rate of student success.