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      Mohammad Arbaaz Nayeem is a management consultant with 15 years' experience in development consulting in Asia and Africa (including consulting work in 17 countries). His work experience in strategic and management consulting covers various countries in Asia and Africa. Arbaaz has extensive experience in organisational and institutional assessment and restructuring including organisational process mapping and redesign. His experiences institutional development projects include serving as Team Leader and key expert on long-term engagements in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Azerbaijan. He served as Team Leader for 2.5 year Capacity Development Programme for the Power Sector in Bangladesh, as Team Leader for the Institutional Capacity Development of Nepal Electricity Authority as a part of ADB TA 9334 (output 3), as Consultant Engineer on the Vietnam Technical Assistance for Transmission Investment Planning and Financing Activity, as Consultant on the Management & Operational Audit of Jamaica Public Service, and as Research Analyst providing evidence based policy support for the Policy Coordination Committee at the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Bangladesh.He specialises in leading and managing robust engagement strategies involving key government stakeholders to support ownership and sustainability of interventions developed under consulting assignments. This involves engagement across a wide range of ministries, government departments and agencies and private sector organisations. He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Masters in Energy, Environmental Technology and Economics, and is currently leading investment operations for ion ventures in Asia.