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Admission Procedure for Prospective Students:

Diploma Applicants

    • A student should have at least second division or minimum GPA 2.50 in SSC.
    • A student should have at least Pass Marks in Diploma exam.
    • Course waiver is available for Diploma applicants for Engineering Departments except Architecture .
    • To get course waiver the result should be 3.00 out of 4.00 grade point.
    • Rest of the procedures are same as General student but they get special tuition waiver whose passing year is 15/16. (MATS student ‘s passing year counts with their completion of internship also)

Tuition Fee waiver for Diploma Students:
Diploma Exams Waiver Required CGPA to continue waiver

CGPA 3.50-4.00



Diploma passed students & below CGPA 3.49



For Freedom Fighter Quota:

    • Requirement for freedom fighter quota: As per the Private University Act 2010, 3% of the total seats are reserved for children (only son & daughter) of freedom fighters. Student will get 100% tuition fee waiver under this quota. To get this facility, a student (son/daughter of freedom fighter) should have a combined total not lower than GPA 5 in SSC & HSC. ** Please note that the grandchildren of freedom fighters are not eligible to get this quota facility.

    • Documents to be submitted: Students availing freedom fighter quota must apply formally enclosing with the following documents as per requirement of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs:
         a) Attested copy of ‘Shamoik Sanad or BAMUSH Sanad’ of the freedom fighter.
         b) Attested copy of ‘Bangladesh Gazette’ of the freedom fighter.
         c) Attested copy of ‘Lal Muktibarta’ of the freedom fighter.
         d) Attested copy of ‘the National Id card’ of the freedom fighter.
         e) Attested copy of “the Birth certificate or SSC certificate” of the freedom fighter.
    ** Entitlement of freedom fighter quota is subject to verification from the concerned Ministry. FAO deals with the cases on first come first served basis. However, priority may be given to the children of freedom fighter who are orphan, whose parents are critically ill or children of deceased/wounded freedom fighter.

    • Continuation of this facility: To continue this facility, students have to pass in all the examination.

Remote & Undeveloped Area Quota:

    • Requirement for Remote & Undeveloped Area Quota: As per the Private University Act 2010, another 3% of the total seats are reserved for poor and meritorious candidates of Remote & Undeveloped Areas.

    • Documents to be submitted:
        a) Applicants must submit residency certificates, issued by the Chairman of the Union Council and authenticated by the respective Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) to the University at the time of admission.
        b) Applicants must pass SSC &/or HSC examination from the School/College of their own remote upazillas .
        c) Applicants must submit the copy of the testimonial from the Headmaster and/or Principal of their school/college where they study, at the time of admission.
    ** Without these papers he/she will not be selected for admission.

Admission Procedure for Credit Transfer Applicants:

    A student may transfer a maximum of 40% credits earned at previously attended colleges and universities toward PAU degrees. Main Transcript from previously attended institution must be submitted. Only credits on which a student has earned the grade B or above will be transferable to PAU. For purposes of transferring credits, Directors of programs or Chairs of departments will determine equivalence of courses or may also refer cases to the Equivalence Committee if needed. Transferred credits and grades are not included in calculating the GPA at PAU.

Admission Procedure for International Applicants

    Foreign Students particularly who come from other systems the admission eligibility will be as follows:
        1. For undergraduate programs: Passed the school certificate examination after 12-year schooling with minimum GPA 2.00 of 4 point scale or ‘O’ level 5 and ‘A’ level 2 total 7 pass subjects with minimum 4 ‘B’ grades and 3 ‘C’ grades in the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1.. (MUST have the equivalence certificate from Ministry of Education)
        2. For graduate programs: Passed 4-year degree examination with good grades after 12-year schooling in Secondary & Higher Secondary level.

    The candidate will apply to the Chairman of the Equivalence Committee through a prescribed form, with the following documents stating therein the program to which he/she intend to study.

    ** 1 copy of recent Passport size coloured photo.
        (i) A copy of his/her recent Passport.
        (ii) Copies of all academic documents together with a testimonial from the Cultural Attaché of the Diplomatic Mission stating the duration of the courses studied by the applicant.
        (iii) An undertaking from the student duly countersigned by a responsible officer of the Diplomatic Mission to the effect that he/she will stay in this country up to completion of the program of study and he/she will not take part in any activity subversive of the State or of the discipline while in the University.
        (iv) 'No Objection Certificates (NOC)’ from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh.
        (v) Science background is necessary for all science programs.
        (vi) Besides the above, the applicant must follow all other requirements as are needed for the general students of this country.

    An equivalence committee will assess and recommend for satisfactory grade for the applicants who seek admission in PAU for foreign students and the students from other systems.